Job Post Vacancy Count Location Application Start Date Application End Date
State Officer 2 1 Shillong, 1 Guwahati 15-12-2023 25-12-2023
Research Associate 2 Shillong/Guwahati 15-12-2023 25-12-2023
MIS Assistant 3 2 Guwahati, 1 Shillong 15-12-2023 25-12-2023
Finance & Admin Assistant 2 Guwahati 15-12-2023 25-12-2023
Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) 2 1 Shillong, 1 Guwahati 15-12-2023 25-12-2023
Driver 1 Shillong 15-12-2023 25-12-2023
Social Mobilizer 2 Arunachal Pradesh/ Project Location 15-12-2023 25-12-2023
Training Co-Ordinator 2 Agartala 19-01-2024 10-02-2024

Important Note:

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