Our Mission

NECTAR is conceived as a collaborative centre of excellence to resolve the last mile problem in the delivery, induction, management, use and extension of technology applications which serve public good and promote social and economic development of the North Eastern region in the broadest possible terms. The overall operational aim is to infuse, build and sustain a culture of gainful applications of technology at the ground level among users and to fill the void that persists at present in reaching to people, communities and end users technology applications that remain unavailable to them. The focus and emphasis of technology induction and extension is clearly on applications that serve public good; that create livelihoods and employment, particularly among the poor and disadvantaged communities; that promote equitable economic growth; improve productivity in all areas; promote efficient and effective use of local and natural resources; contribute to safety and a cleaner environment and are socially desirable.

The Centre is committed to mitigate and fill the vital gaps in the techno-economic interface and establish and deliver expertise and services in the following areas particularly: technology solutions design for the issues and problems relevant to the North Eastern Region; sourcing of the most appropriate and optimal technology application; adaptation and adoption of the technology for local and effective use; demonstration of the applications through pilot projects; skills and capacity building among users and institutions to absorb and use the applications; induction of the applications and promoting entrepreneurial adoption; the extension and consolidation of the promoted technologies; delivery, maintenance and servicing of applications by promotion of an appropriate delivery and services infrastructure.

The Centre has chosen to work in a collaborative, networked and partnership framework. The endeavor will be to build and expand partnerships with people, communities, local bodies, NGO's, research and technology institutions, knowledge creators, professionals and experts, intermediate entities of all types working towards similar aims and, most importantly, with the various organs of the State Governments. The projects, schemes, funding and support of the Centre will be channeled in accordance with this model and framework. The Centre recognizes that their clients and stakeholders are bound to them in a partnership mode.

Thus, the Centre, besides employing its own expertise and resources, will continually strive to engage and participate with a diverse and dispersed range of project partners and collaborators. The Centre will take active steps to invite and encourage the participation and contribution, both individual and institutional, of the potential and talents of the North Eastern Region.

The Centre is acutely aware that the induction and economic use of technology applications is not a technology question alone. It comprises the entire gamut of interlocked chains of production and business which begins with the raw material or a knowledge resource and reaches right to the point where the end product is used or consumed by the citizen or consumer. The centre shall undertake all activities which require technology and management inputs that serve to strengthen the economy of the North Eastern Region and create incomes and livelihoods for the poor and disadvantaged people of the Region.