Agro & Allied

Agro and Allied activities by NECTAR

The project was supported by NECTAR to revive the scientific method of beekeeping as well as to promote the unique traditional art of concrete hive beekeeping, which is vanishing with time. Nagaland Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM) is specialized organisation with good experience in beekeeping management techniques and provided training to local beekeepers. Therefore NECTAR has teamed up with NBHM for technology upgradation of wooden apiary to concrete hives. Under the project more than 500 underground concrete hives has already been constructed.



Beekeeping project supported at Nagaland
  ECS (Eleutheros Christian Society) is an NGO working towards up-liftment of rural Tuensang district of Nagaland. One of their agenda is to implement various activities to exploit the potential of Beekeeping and honey enterprise in Nagaland.In the said project, interior villages of Tuensang were covered viz Chendang, Konya, Longtang and Chingmei.

NECTAR has supported 170 beekeepers under ECS. 1700 bee boxes were distributed among the farmers under this project. Beekeeping is identified as a lucrative income generating activity and with the intervention of NECTAR for expansion of bee boxes there will be an increase in the output of honey production which will in turn increase income generation of every farmer. In the beginning of the project employment generation has been provided to local youth as the bee boxes were made locally. Bee rearing boxes made in Nagaland with the local wood.


Beekeeping project at Kiding and Yangli village, Nagaland
NECTAR has supported beekeeping project at Kiding village and Yangli village at Tuensang district of Nagaland. The aim is to empower the local village people through beekeeping as a subsidiary occupation to generate supplementary income. Under this project 135 families are supported and the project is implemented through the Kiding Self Help Group. NECTAR has provided 675 boxes that have been distributed among 135 families across 2 villages. Some of the villagers were into beekeeping just as a hobby due to limited credit facilities but with assistance from NECTAR, more families have taken up beekeeping that provides economic benefits to them.




Expansion of operation in fruit and vegetable processing, Dimapur, Nagaland
NECTAR has supported expansion of operation in fruit and vegetable processing at Dimapur, Nagaland. Roots Agri Producer & Marketing Cooperative Society Ltd. is created with an objective to provide and add value to all indigenous agro and forest products in Nagaland. NECTAR has supported machinery and working capital to Roots. Society is manufacturing and marketing Naga Chilli sauce.