Bamboo Applications and Support Scheme

Other than the basic elements of the Earth, if there is one natural resource that constitutes the social and economic life and the culture of the North East Region (NER), it is bamboo. It is a boon that this vibrant, multi-faceted resource is green and renewable. The people of the NER, especially the poor, rural and the tribal people have used and harnessed this resource for their very basic needs for centuries. This has created a sound and sustained pattern of use and the necessary skills and expertise to manipulate and fashion this material for a large number of applications and uses.

Advances in bamboo technology and related applications have enabled not only an expansion of the use of the resource in new and key areas but also to generate substantial value addition, which in turn makes it possible for the producers and users to earn higher incomes and sustainable livelihoods. The industrial use of bamboo has substantial opportunities for equitable employment on account of decentralized production processes and value chains. The interventions of the National Mission on Bamboo. Applications demonstrated the efficacy and advantages of industrial uses of bamboo, value addition, income generation and technology infusion.

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