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India is the second largest bamboo producer in the world. After agriculture, bamboo is a major sector that generates income and employment especially in the remote, rural and backward regions of the country. For the north eastern region, bamboo is an even more important and vital resource. The bamboo stock of the north eastern region constitutes nearly 66% of the nation’s bamboo assets. Bamboo is a unique and highly renewable resource with multiple uses. It is the best natural engineering material, excellent for soil management, energy efficient and excellent in carbon sequestration. It provides direct benefits in income and employment in rural and backward region at all levels ranging from plantation, artisan use, primary processing and downstream industrial activities. More than 70% traditional housing uses bamboo as an important structural material.

The NMBA, a constituent of NECTAR, has been intensively engaged in the development of new technologies and applications in the bamboo sector for promoting rapid industrialization in the field. The scope of work has ranged from better technologies for propagation and cultivation of bamboo to its varied industrial uses in areas such as bamboo composite boards, pre-fabricated buildings and structures, bamboo furniture, stick making, charcoal production, gasification and products such as health and hygiene solutions, thermo-plastic composites, vinegar etc. These initiatives have paved the way for industrialization of the sector and have been responsible for raising the income levels and providing employment to a large number of people in the poor and backward regions of the country.

NECTAR has produced short films and documentaries to showcase its work and projects in the areas of bamboo applications and technologies and their role in the social and economic development of the people of the north eastern region. This effort over a period of time has enabled NECTAR to create a comprehensive catalogue of film material that covers the entire range of the bamboo sector in the country. The films cover activities in the bamboo sector in over 24 States and 4 Union Territories comprising nearly 130 locations in all parts of the country. In all 43 films have been produced and there are nearly 250 interviews with varied stakeholders. NECTAR also has one of the largest collections of still photographs comprising nearly one lakh photos that capture the varied aspects of bamboo and the traditions and culture of the north eastern region.
Nectar films have won a number of awards in prestigious documentary festivals:

  • The short film “From Tragedy to Triumph: A Story of Reconstruction” on the reconstruction efforts of the NMBA in Leh-Ladakh in the aftermath of the cloudburst disaster won the best documentary and photography award at the NOIDA International Film Festival in February, 2014. The film was also an official entry in two other festivals and earned a special mention.

  • The short film “Bamboo and Tribes of India” was screened at the Noida Festival, 2014 and won a Jury Mention Award.

A catalogue of films that constitute the film library of NECTAR is given below:


Bamboo Structures in disaster relief & Rehabilitation

Bamboo Schools in Chattisgarh

Bamboo Polyhouses - A Green Boon


Bamboo Plantation - A Profitable Enterprisen

Tripura -Tryst with Destiny

Bamboo Propagation: Strengthening The Roots


Bamboo Furniture: Sustainable, Green Solution

Bamboo Plastic Composites

Bamboo & Tribes of India


Jai ho Bamboo: The Nagaland Bamboo Story

Bamboo Mats & Slivers: Backbone of Bamboo industry

Bamboo and Renewable Energy


Bamboo Structures for Tourism

Bamboo: Voices and Views

From Tragedy to Triumph: A Story of Reconstruction


Kerela : Bamboo Beckons

NMBA: A Success Story