Flood Modeling

Flood Management & Watershed management

NECTAR has focused on technologies for real time monitoring of rivers with a  decision support system for real-time forecasting of floods that integrates data management, monitoring, forecast modeling tools and dissemination methodologies in a single, user-friendly environment.

Based upon rainfall gauge data and satellite grid data, rainfall trends for each catchments and sub catchments are analyzed. Rainfall run-offs are performed to estimate total accumulated volume of water in each catchment for optimum water utilization. Several complex Mathematical models and advanced flood modeling tools were used for catchment water availability in Meghalaya. Slope, satellite based rainfall data , roughness coefficient and catchment area etc were used to accurate assessment of runoff through various simulation models to arrive at real time scenarios.

Flood model based on one day forecast was developed on Mahanadi River for Orissa. Backwater effect by raising the height of the Almati dam, on Krishna River was analyzed for Maharashtra Government. Inundation Maps were produced for Tapi River in Gujarat based on UKAI Dam discharge. Watersheds of Meghalaya are being worked upon to estimate the run-off and proposed effective  water conservation strategy.
Flood modeling of Mahanadi River : Flood Modeling of Mahanadi River for Water Resource Department of Odisha was taken up in the year 2012-13. The objectives of this project was to develop a pilot decision-support system to improve flood forecasting throughout the basin, estimate areas of expected inundation during floods, assist in the mitigation of flood damage, develop a new forecast technology including support water-use management. During the period Flood-inundation maps at various water levels were generated by running one & two-dimensional steady-flow models through use of advanced software tools viz. Mike-11, Hecras etc. The above task was done by collection of detailed topographic data, survey of India Elevation data, Rain Gauge and discharge data from odisha Government. 

Fig : Flood Modeling for Mahanadi River Catchment and Results of Modeling : Simulated & Observed Water Level.

Fig : Rain gauge stations of Mahanadi River Delta areas which have been affected by flood