High Precision

High Precision Mapping

Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) System Technology for High precision Surveillance & Mapping Applications:
The North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR) has developed the UAV system technology specially designed for mapping and surveillance applications. The acquired aerial imagery through the UAV system with 2cm ground pixel resolution, has been successfully validated for generation of quality mapping products as Orthophoto and Digital Surface Model with high precision accuracy.

Up to 10cm horizontal & 20cm vertical mapping accuracy has been achieved through these systems. Pilot project on Mapping of Brahmaputra Embankments, Mapping of Ganol River catchment (Meghalaya) & Mahanadi River catchment (Odisha) for feasibility survey & analysis of small and multipurpose dams have been accomplished.

Planning and Monitoring of highways for NHAI :
NECTAR has covered more than 1400 km of linear stretch of highways in different parts of India through UAV imaging and processed the data into various high precision 3D mapping products for National Highways Authorities of India(NHAI). The benefits of drone mapping were useful for various activity of Highways viz planning, construction, monitoring quality and traffic congestion & toll management. Accurate feasibility study with respect to proper alignment preserving suitable geometry, economy of construction, land acquisition detail etc can be done through the above 3D mapping products. Similarly planning and Monitoring of Rural roads under PMGSY network can be done in combination of high resolution satellite and UAV data. NECTAR has accomplished such type of work for few blocks of Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Jammu & Kashmir.

Fig (b): Monitoring Construction of Eastern Peripheral Expressway through Drone Images with measurement analysis.

Technology Support for Agriculture Crop Analysis : NECTAR has provided services on feasible technology based agriculture crop analysis using satellite imagery and UAV acquired data for 50 Million hectares in different states of India under PMFBY. The crop acreage and Productivity estimation for wheat, paddy, groundnut, cotton, Bajra, Guar and Soyabean was done by the Centre. There were issues of crop loss due to poor rainfall / drought/ flooding and unreliable CCEs in few states i.e Tamilnadu, Maharashtra & Gujarat. The estimates provided by NECTAR were used by insurance companies and states as well to resolve the disputes /discrepancies in insurance claims.

Fig (c): Monitoring crop health through vegetation indices using multispectral satellite data (b) Identification low and high productivity area/districts through Productivity estimation models.

The above technology can be used effectively to map crop pattern/yield estimation/ production for state government agriculture departments. It will assist state authorities to plan and manage agriculture monitoring activity for improvement of productivity