Geospatial Applications

1. Generation of 3D Terrain Model for all the 11 districts using High resolution satellite , Survey of India map and Elevation data for Police and Civil authorities. The above models were used for various applications in the field of mapping and analysis of infrastructure in the states.

The Centre has assisted for development of a 3D GIS pertaining to complete Nagaland State with integration of information layers like Health Centres, Schools, Road Network, Business & other facilities etc that collected from GPS Survey by the state Government. Joint GIS analysis with the state Government in respect of Land use Change of around Kohima city and planning of new health centres using terrain difficulty level was done for the state planning Department.

Land use Change around Kohima City

Planning of Health Facilities on Difficult Terrain

The activities jointly performed by the respective departments/Centre is :

Work done by the State:

  • Data collection by GPS survey and from other sources.
  • Health centers, Schools, Road Network, Facilities etc.
  • Collection of 120 Ground Control Points across Nagaland

Work done by the Centre:

  • Generation of Digital Elevation Model using CARTOSAT images.
  • Preparation of 3D Terrain model.
  • Integration of GPS surveyed data.
  • Validation by State Govt.

• Joint Analysis with Govt. of Nagaland.

2. Setting up GIS Centre: The GIS Centre with NECTAR was set up support in providing Hardware/ Software and training for UAV/GIS mapping through aerial imagery of strategic areas of Nagaland state.

NECTAR has done GIS mapping of the Schools and Hospitals of the Nagaland Government for Kohima District. The above mapping has helped Nagaland Government to plan the basic facilities better. NECTAR has helped the Government of Nagaland to establish their GIS Centre. Now to upgrade their capabilities of GIS mapping, NECTAR and Nagaland GIS & Remote Sensing Centre (NGISRSC) have entered into a MoU to work jointly for taking up UAV/GIS mapping through aerial imagery of strategic areas of Nagaland state. NECTAR proposes to give 2 Nos aerial platform/UAV/RPV to the GIS Centre. (These UAVs have been designed in-house and fabricated). Further to this, the following has been planned to be provided by NECTAR:-


1. NECTAR will train the GIS teams of Nagaland GIS to build 3D terrain models and process data of very high resolution.

2. NECTAR is proposing to buy a software PIX 4D for processing of imagery data. This software will be used by NECTAR, Nagaland GIS team as well as Meghalaya GIS team. It will be housed at NECTAR's office.

3. For processing of data at GIS centre, NECTAR will provide a high speed processing system.

4. NECTAR will also give one NECTAR GIS software to the GIS centre.

5. As NECTAR is entering into mapping of roads, agriculture and it will require work with other State Governments. It is proposed to utilize the capabilities of the UAV teams of Nagaland Government and it will be compensated on a proportionate basis from the payment so received.

Communication Activities

1.SDR Project: Set up a radio network (SDR) interconnecting 14 locations covering all the districts of Nagaland to communicate with State Emergency Operation Centre (SEOC), Kohima for Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority(NSDMA). This project was taken over to install 14 Software Defined Radio’s in various districts of Nagaland considering the importance of Communication with interior districts during the time of disaster. For better communication via voice and data mode, NECTAR had now completed set up a radio

network interconnecting 14 locations covering all the districts of Nagaland. Through this network, now each district can communicate with each other and also with State Emergency Operation Center (SEOC), Kohima. They are using it on regular basis for getting daily situation report from all districts.

2. Mesh Net for tele-medicine has been commissioned with nodes placed between district hospitals in Kohima and numbers of PHCs, CHCs and maternity hospital in remote areas. The telemedicine facility was launched in the year 2014 and patients from remote areas having difficult access to nearest hospital were provided consultation through specialized doctors for chronic diseases.