High-Speed Wireless Mesh networks

1. Technology demonstration of wireless network based CCTV project at Guwahati

Mesh network has been established at 09 locations with 36 IP based surveillance cameras. In the control room set up, streaming data is overseen by a team trained by NECTAR with capacity to tilt, zoom or point the cameras as per requirement. The network setup at crowded location was wireless because the current CCTV network on wire leading to high maintains cost and large time for fault identification.
  Ample data storage has been provided for control room for revisiting the footage for analysis. The quality of output is high definition, color footage with an excellent resolution during night time using infra-red rays is also obtained

2. Shillong and Tura CCTV project

Meghalaya Police Department had requested us to participate in the Safe Secure Shillong CCtv Project Tender floated by Meghalaya Police after the successful completion of Guwahati Wireless CCTv Project. NECTAR had participated in the open Tender and submitted bid with wireless connectivity among the other participants with wired connectivity. In tender opening process, it was found NECTAR had submitted lowest bid and considering the success of wireless technology, NECTAR had been awarded the Project. In Shillong 120 numbers of cameras had been installed of which 30 numbers are PTZ cameras and 90 are veri-focal full High Definition bullet cameras. In Tura, 14 PTZ cameras and 45 bullet cameras had been installed. Ample Hyper-convergence data storage has been provided for control room for revisiting the footage for analysis. The advantage of this storage equipment is that stored data can be analyzed on the fly. The average through put of the system is 150-180 mbps, providing sufficient band width to have streaming data with a clear video in a central control room.
After successfully completion of CCTv cameras project, it helped in maintaining law & order and till date 80 number of cases solved by Meghalaya police department with video footage and real-time tracking of crime.

3. Tura CCTV project Expansion

After successful completion of wireless CCTV project in Shillong, on request of District Administration for extension of already running Wireless CCTV surveillance Project (which was also deployed by NECTAR) to 27 locations in addition to presently monitored locations. In the regard, NECTAR Officials visited Tura for survey of all 27 strategic locations. On the basis of survey and LoS (Line of sight) analysis 12 locations has been finalised for round the clock monitoring.