Centres of International Projects Trust

6. Centres for International Projects Trust (CIPT), an affiliate of Columbia Water Centre, New York

A R&D Project on Jharkhand Rural Water Supply Development plan was initiated by CIPT under the guidance of reserach staffs of Columbia Water Centre , New Work. It was planned to help Jharkhand DWSD to develop analytical strategies for reliable, low cost drinking water and ancillary energy and water services. For this project, NECTAR was mandated to develop high resolution topography and habitation information using UAV data collected over a small pilot area selected in the outskirts of Ranchi City was done. The data was useful for planning flow paths, catchment delineation, pump lift requirements and feasible system layouts etc. which was done through GIS analysis by NECTAR.

A Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) mounted with a sensor (indigenously developed by the Centre) was allowed to fly over the area and acquired overlapped image data. A detailed surface model & orthophoto with spatial resolution of 10 cm were obtained. About 15cm horizontal and 20 cm vertical accuracy was resulted in the orthophoto and elevation model respectively so generated. Then a virtual 3D Terrain Model of the area was generated using specific software and various 3D analyses were done for ground execution of the creation of the facilities. The first analysis was done in respect of identification of possible mine quarries and check dam locations, with 50 cm Contour Interval map of the area. Then, based on suitable height of the water level inside the facility, volume of water was quantified. The second analysis was done for calculation of length of pipe lines based on the best path suitable for the flow of water under the gravity towards the nearby habitation. The water consumption target of each house hold habituated nearby under water scarcity was surveyed and accounted. Then the complete model in each location was tested for feasibility for implementation based on water resources accumulated and the targeted. The availability of water over the catchment was assessed by rainfall runoff modelling using 10 year data. Jharkhand state Government and the Centre are working on the positive outcome of the case study and are planning to implement in the state in large scale.

Fig 6(a): Flying activity of fixed wing UAV in Ranchi area and DGPS control survey

Fig 6(b): Water conservation through Abandoned Mine pits during monsoon period and estimate of available water capacity