Paper Board & Speciality Paper Division

5. ITC Ltd. , Paper Board & speciality paper division, Hyderabad Area

ITC for its paper board industry, has developed a farm plantation programme, with buy-back guarantee, which provides employment and income to farmers, and uses high-yielding, site specific, disease-resistant clones and a comprehensive package of plantation and management practices to ensure constant supplies of high-quality raw material to their manufacturing facilities. Eucalyptus trees are grown both by small farmers for profit and subsistence and by large conglomerates for industrial wood supply. ITC Paper Board was interested to develop an affordable technology to map the Eucalyptus Plantation areas along with average height of the trees & number of trees in the plantation in order to get quick launch of efficient procurement planning. NECTAR has extended its technology venture on Biomass estimation of Eucalyptus trees over a large areas of plantations. In this connection a pilot study in 500 sq km of area pertaining to Jangareddigudem & Koyalagudem mandals in West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh has been taken up for Biomass estimation. The Centre has acquired high resolution imagery through UAV and processed those into a high accurate 3D point cloud models. From point clouds, accurate counting of trees along with its height has been computed through an automated process in very less time. Using the number of trees, respective height and available girth, accurate biomass has been estimated using a mathematical model. The main benefit of the technology has been realised as the accurate estimation of biomass for the paper industries and allied commercial facilities over that region which would increase the industrial activity and economic growth of the farmers associated with the industry.

Fig 5 (a): Eucalyptus Tree Plantation imaged through UAV

Fig 5(b): Processing of Eucalyptus Tree for Height using UAV Imagery point cloud Method