CSIR, New Delhi

10. CSIR- Central Road Research Institute(CRRI), New Delhi

A project on Feasibility study of Road Alignment from Sasoma to Saser Brangsa in Leh - Ladakh Region was taken up from CRRI for two useful activities viz. (a) 3D Terrain Modeling: 3D GIS integration of different scales of Survey of India Maps, high resolution satellite/aerial imagery and digital elevation data and (b) High Precession Mapping: Data Collection through Unmanned Aerial Survey(UAV) using Drones and Integration of high resolution satellite imagery with Digital Elevation models and raster data, 3D Terrain Modeling, Feasibility road alignments and generation of Longitudinal and Cross section (regular intervals) by the Centre. Despite the project location was at very high altitude, the Centre has provided requisite data sets for the above two components by acquiring Drone images and DGPS ground control points.

Fig 10: Contour Map of the Area of Interest : Sasoma to Saser Brangsa in Leh - Ladakh Region