About DG

The Director General, Shri Sanjiv Nair has a long experience as an IAS Officer. He has worked in many diverse assignments and headed the Planning Department, Sugar & Cane Development Department of the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, one of the largest states of the Indian Union as well as the largest sugar producer & cane growing State in the country.He has been directly involved in technology assessment and development for the last thirteen years. As Counsellor Coordinator in the Indian Embassy in Moscow, he had the opportunity to deal with a number of technology institutions in the Russian Federation. As Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Science and Technology, a number of new programmes were initiated. The National Mission on Bamboo Applications and the Mission on Geo Spatial Applications were directly overseen from their inception. Development of high value addition technologies in Bamboo, giving rise to a number of patents for the Mission were important achievements. New Technologies in Bamboo were commercialized through the establishment of more then seventy production units in different States. Shri Nair has been the Permanent Representative of the Government of India to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in the Geneva for two years. He was a member of the WMO Executive Council, a member of the Committee on Disaster Issues Response. He chaired the session on Weather & Health at the Conference on Secure & Sustainable living; Social & Economic Benefits of Weather, Climate & Water Services, Madrid. Considering the need for an integrated approach to the problem of disaster, a new Mission mode project was initiated where the surface models were integrated with the hydrology analysis for a complete visualization of the problem of disaster.Given the diverse experience in technology development, NECTAR is equipped to make meaningful intervention for benefit of governance and social & economic development through technology interventions.

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